On Slow Parenting

I recently read a post on A Cup of Jo (one of my favorite blogs) about slow parenting. It so struck a cord with me. I am a rush rush, be on time type of person. I really enjoy being on time, to the point that I am always early. Constantly pushing J along to get here, go there, let's go. It often feels like go, go, go all the time. 

After reading Joanna's post I realized how much I was missing by pushing her along. So we are taking more slow walks, where I let her meander around the neighborhood with no agenda. We pick up sticks and acorns, head this way for a few feet and turn around because we missed a flower in the other direction. Sometimes we just stop to look at our neighborhood "woof-woofs". If I am honest, it sometimes drives me a little batty- but I am learning to move at her pace, when we can.

I mean, the joy on that little face at the simple pleasure of picking up a stick on our evening walk to the mail box earlier this past summer. I just can't. It's to precious to lose for the sake of moving too fast. 

On of J's favorite things to do is turn the light switches. And it is usually happening as we are rushing out the door to get somewhere. So I am usually doing it myself just to get the job done. I have been recently letting her do it and it brings her such joy to watch the light turn on and off that I might be able to handle being a minute or two late.

Have your tried slow parenting? I think it's pretty great and I hope to find more ways to incorporate it into our everyday. Will you try it?