Oh, Peppa Pig.

My little J is so enthralled with Peppa Pig. I always said I wouldn't be one of those parents who let's their kids watch hours of TV, and for the most part I am still not, but when it comes to Peppa... well, she is on our TV quite often. Juniper snorts at us when she wants to watch it, which is really pretty cute, but sometimes a little demanding. We are working on lessening our screen time, which is kind of working. Let's say it works some days and some days it doesn't. But we always try to balance screen time with active play. Everything in moderation. At least that is what I tell myself. 

Anyway- if you don't know Peppa, she is a cheeky little British piggy. She is a little sassy, pretty funny, and loves to jump in muddle puddles, but you must wear your boots! Look her up, she's pretty cute.

Before Christmas we found out Peppa Pig was coming to town. I was a little unsure of how my then 17 month old would do at a live stage show geared to 4-5 years old. But my mom wasn't having it. She knew right away that J would love it and ordered up tickets. And she was totally right, Juniper stared with awe the whole time. She sat perfectly still, or danced and clapped when appropriate. It was adorable. 

Of course, we had to wear our Peppa hat that I made for Halloween this year.

And one of my all time favorite pictures of Juniper, she really sat like this for at least 20 minutes. And my heart melted.

I mean how can you deny that face who just loves Peppa? Have you taken your kids to any live shows? Was it wonderful? I hope so!