A Nasty Splinter and It's Remedy

Last night I had the privilege to share my handmade goods at a holiday shopping night. It was set in a gorgeous barn and my space was near an old wood wall with tons of yummy character. As I was setting up, nailing hooks into the walls to hang my quilts I got a nasty splinter. Now, I would say I have a pretty high pain tolerance. But splinters, like stubbing your baby toe or paper cuts are just painful in the worst little way. Now, avert your eyes if you have a weak stomach, cause here it is:

Oh man. That little thing hurt so bad for the past, well, the past hours that I have been awake this morning. Long enough to make me want to cut my finger off. Seriously, chasing a toddler with a finger that screamed at you every time you bumped it was not a fun way to spend the morning. The skin is tight there on top of my finger so I couldn't really massage the offender out. I knew there had to be a remedy in my oil jar! 

I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for almost a year now and I find so many uses for them so I'm not really surprised they helped here.

So- To remove this nasty splinter, all it took was 1 drop of Thieves Oil. That's it! I let the oil sit on the spot for 10 minutes. I held my breath and pushed in the opposite direction and that nasty thing slipped right out! 

This picture and the above were seriously taken within 20 minutes of each other! Sweet relief! Now, it is still a little tender but feeling way, way better! I would totally tell you to try this method, instead of my old stand by- jabbing a pin in it... what was I thinking!?

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