Why Essential Oils?

What are Essential Oils? Essential Oils are the life blood of plants. Anything that our blood does for us is what the essential oils do for the plant. They carry nutrients and oxygen to the different organs in our body.

In the ways that these amazing plant juices support the plants they come from, they also can support us! 

Why Young Living?

The quality of essential oils is so important. When you start to make healthy changes to your life style, essential oils are a great place to start. But, not all oils are created equal! Lots of companies add junk to their oils. You don't want that junk!

Young Living has this amazing Seed to Seal Promise. Their commitment to amazing quality, well it is top notch! Check out all the details here!

Why join me?

When you sign up with me, you join our amazing team, we call ourselves Valor and Grace Co. We meet in person, we host classes, we laugh together, support each other, and love these oils! Oh and an amazing monthly newsletter made by your's truely!

If you're interested in jumping in, get your starter kit here!

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